Zabbix minor update easy (apache2 also?)

Make sure you the access to the Zabbix Official Repository from vm. 443. Go to history Is it the same for apache2? Lest try to fin dout. Where does it fetch apache? Lets block all outbound ubuntu and zabbix urls Hm, no apache2. 11.10 – Which repository do I add to automatically update Apache? […]

failed to accept an incoming connection

so we change the interface for zabbix server from to private ip And the failed to accept an incoming connection We do we fix this? Well add the IP to the config. sudo service zabbix-agent stop sudo service zabbix-agent start Lets remove the ip and allow all test. And we are still good

Zabbix API

quickguides/zabbix/pythonZabbixApi/ at main · spawnmarvel/quickguides · GitHub def connect_zabbix(self): def get_all_hosts(self): Run method. You know the drill, view the repos.

Zabbix in a nutshell

repos quickguides/zabbix/ at main · spawnmarvel/quickguides · GitHub Install (all on one host) quickguides/zabbix/host_1/ at main · spawnmarvel/quickguides · GitHub Open NSG 22, 80. First apache http://ip Then Zabbix http://ip/zabbix add user, pass etc Trigger dependency Alerts Make alert i.e send v = 5 Trigger dependency Restore back to non alert state and create a […]

Docker zabbix pri

Official repos HOW-TO: Install Zabbix with MySQL as containers using docker-compose · GitHub Repos learning-docker/prod-ish/zabbix/ at main · spawnmarvel/learning-docker ( After expanding disk Admin, zabbix The composed installation is up. env We now need to get the IP address of the docker container that hosts the agent to provide to the Zabbix application so that […]

Zabbix passive vs active pri

Continue here quickguides/zabbix at main · spawnmarvel/quickguides · GitHub Zabbix Agent: Active vs. Passive – Zabbix Blog

Zabbix trigger dependency

3 Trigger dependencies ( Zabbix – Router1 – Router2 – Host If the Router1 is down, then obviously the Host and the Router2 are also unreachable, yet receiving three notifications about the Host, the Router1 and the Router2 all being down is excessive. So in this case we define two dependencies: the ‘Host is down’ […]