Azure Function Python step 7 debug*

hm Not much in Log stream Open the live metrics from Log Stream and do a request Trace Exception while executing function: Functions.GetCoinStatus <— Result: Failure Exception: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘CoinWorker’. Cannot find module. Please check the requirements.txt file for the missing module. This is not a module it is the function folder. requirements.txt […]

Azure Function Python step 6 github repos kusto and table storage*

Github repos 101 spawnmarvel/azure-functions: Testing and learning Azure functions ( Log stream In the function app we have some options for viewing files, insights and more. Lets look at log stream. Connect and wait abit, default log level is verbose. Lets start with the initial. Log analytics and Kusto We can query all log statments, […]

5 min Azure Functions compute with powershell 4 steps (az login)

Can multiple azure functions be created in the same project? – Microsoft Q&A Yes, you can have multiple functions inside the same functionApp. One thing is, the functions will share the same resources e.g., pricing plan, runtime version, storage, appInsights, deployment method, etc. Our old function project Lets add another function, for reading messages in […]

Implement CI/CD with GitHub – Deploy Azure Functions steps

Implement CI/CD with GitHub – Deploy Azure Functions – DEV Community 1 Create an Azure Function Apprg, storage account, function app, not deployment is set up yet.To set up deployment, webapipython | Deployment Center, we do that later 2 Create a GitHub repositorytest-webapipython 3 Clone GitHub Function repository /c/giti2023$ git clone 4 Link […]

5 min Azure Functions compute with powershell 4 Github Actions 1 Create repos 2 Clone with cli 3 Make the function project and function 4 Visit URL http://localhost:7071/api/coinfun01prod 5 Push with cli Make the function app same as qa but add deployment But error Installation failure – “Cannot find SourceControlToken with name GitHub” This error occurs due to connecting Github to multiple […]

5 min Azure Functions compute with powershell 3 steps (az login) publish*

Jump to Most used commands and quick guide Deployment technologies in Azure Functions Deployment technologies in Azure Functions | Microsoft Learn Create a Python function in Azure from the command line Create a Python function from the command line – Azure Functions | Microsoft Learn Check environment, after all prerequisites is installed. Prerequisite check Powershell […]

5 min Azure Functions compute 2

Overview Azure Functions Overview | Microsoft Learn Create a Python function using Visual Studio Code – Azure Functions | Microsoft Learn Follow the stuff with run locally Files Init default Run it f5, view terminal Visit URL Stop shift + f5 stop if shift + 5, and press any key in terminal Folder structure, […]

5 min Azure Functions compute

Free 1,000,000 requests per month,Process events with a serverless code architecture.Functions lets you execute your code in a serverless environment without having to first create a VM or publish a web application and write less code, maintain less infrastructure, and save cost. Implement endpoint for wep app with, HTTP triggerRun code when a file […]

Function app First function Python Linux, hm, must upload code from local The Azure Functions extension for Visual Studio Code. Azure icon click it, takes time Select a language for your function project: Choose Python.Select a Python alias to create a virtual environment: Choose the location of your Python interpreter. If the location isn’t shown, […]