Docker rabbitmq x 1 update version –rebuild

learning-docker/prod-ish/rmq/rmq at main · spawnmarvel/learning-docker · GitHub So we always need to update our images to reflect the new version. Run (you might need to rm image/container or maybe use the –rebuild cmd) From rabbitmq – Official Image | Docker Hub the version to use now it 3.13. In my case, it was old: 3.12 […]

Checkmk (one line?)

repos learning-docker/prod-ish/checkmk at main · spawnmarvel/learning-docker ( Vicuna Here is a comparison of Checkmk and Zabbix: Monitoring Approach: Checkmk takes a more agent-based approach where agents run on the monitored systems and report back to the Checkmk server. Zabbix can use agents but also supports agentless monitoring via protocols like SNMP, IPMI, etc.Scalability: Checkmk can […]

Azure ACI docker registry 102

repos learning-docker/2-azure-container-instance/ at main · spawnmarvel/learning-docker · GitHub Exercise – Deploy an Azure container registry Repositories is where we will store our images Exercise – Build container images using Azure Container Registry Tasks We saved the Dockerfile download it with wget and build it with az acr build Registry Exercise – Deploy images from Azure […]

Azure ACI docker 101

repos learning-docker/2-azure-container-instance at main · spawnmarvel/learning-docker · GitHub Exercise – Control restart behavior use gitbash with az cli or login to a linux vm and install az cli, the run az login –tenant TENANT-ID Or use putty or cloud shell Azure Use cli or portal to check status, runs, logs and more. logs Exercise – […]

Containerize a Python application docker pri

Containerize a Python application | Docker Docs repos learning-docker/1.3-containerize-python-application at main · spawnmarvel/learning-docker · GitHub We have our code and we are ready to test it All it does it log and gracefully stop Build the app The docker build command builds Docker images from a Dockerfile and a “context”. A build’s context is the […]

Docker rabbitmq x2 ssl Certificate Authority PKI

repos learning-docker/prod-ish/rmq/rmq-x2-ssl at main · spawnmarvel/learning-docker ( Generate CA Server’s (client) certificate and files Let’s test the compose before we make the next certificate and use it. Client is 15672, view logs to see if it loaded all yes, good. Server is 15673,view logs to see if it loaded all and also the rabbitmq_auth_mechanism_ssl was […]

Docker zabbix pri

Official repos HOW-TO: Install Zabbix with MySQL as containers using docker-compose · GitHub Repos learning-docker/prod-ish/zabbix/ at main · spawnmarvel/learning-docker ( After expanding disk Admin, zabbix The composed installation is up. env We now need to get the IP address of the docker container that hosts the agent to provide to the Zabbix application so that […]

Docker: be efficient

Vm mount data disk and increased from from 4 gb to 8 gb. learning-docker/ at main · spawnmarvel/learning-docker ( 0 Getting started learning-docker/1-getting-started-guide/ at main · spawnmarvel/learning-docker · GitHub End notes part 10: Container orchestration “Running containers in production is tough. You don’t want to log into a machine and simply run a docker run […]

Docker rabbitmq x2 (*3-12 to 3-13)

repos learning-docker/prod-ish/rmq/rmq-x2/ at main · spawnmarvel/learning-docker ( should be rmq-x2 (not portainer) docker compose up -d http://ip:9443 client with static shovel server Update version 14.06.2024 from 3.12 to 3.13 Test new version update Dockerfile_client, server rabbitmq:3.12-management 3.13-management Client Server

Docker rabbitmq ssl

repos learning-docker/prod-ish/rmq/rmq-ssl/ at main · spawnmarvel/learning-docker ( Copy all the files to a VM running docker Run the cd rmq-app bash docker compose up -d rmq portainer CPU and Memory is also limited