Ansible WinRM manage vm (and RabbitMQ)

Repo azure-ansible/1-4-az-existing-windows-vm/ at main · spawnmarvel/azure-ansible · GitHub We are simulating an existing vm not created by ansble, and managing it after created by someone. We set up from above repos We configured an inventory and ansible.cfg and pong’d it. All code is stored in the repos. Lets make a yml and create a folder […]

Configuring WinRM With HTTPS in azure virtual machine

Following post Configuring winRM in azure virtual machine with HTTPS/HTTP ( Making repos azure-ansible/1-4-az-create-windows-vm/ at main · spawnmarvel/azure-ansible · GitHub Test from a remote source Result

Ansible create windows vm

Azure Create a Windows virtual machine in Azure using Ansible | Microsoft Learn Code azure-ansible/1-4-az-create-windows-vm at main · spawnmarvel/azure-ansible ( Result after running code from github Next, Configure the WinRM Listener. ConfigureRemotingForAnsible.ps1 removed from default branch? · Issue #81240 · ansible/ansible ( oink Lets check the vm Vicuna Ok, lets delete all, since we added […]

Implement CI/CD with GitHub – Deploy Azure Functions steps

Implement CI/CD with GitHub – Deploy Azure Functions – DEV Community 1 Create an Azure Function Apprg, storage account, function app, not deployment is set up yet.To set up deployment, webapipython | Deployment Center, we do that later 2 Create a GitHub repositorytest-webapipython 3 Clone GitHub Function repository /c/giti2023$ git clone 4 Link […]