Docker rabbitmq x2 ssl Certificate Authority PKI

repos learning-docker/prod-ish/rmq/rmq-x2-ssl at main · spawnmarvel/learning-docker ( Generate CA Server’s (client) certificate and files Let’s test the compose before we make the next certificate and use it. Client is 15672, view logs to see if it loaded all yes, good. Server is 15673,view logs to see if it loaded all and also the rabbitmq_auth_mechanism_ssl was […]

AMQP, MQTT RabbitMQ configuration with Python

GitHub – lukebakken/mqtt-client-cert-example: Example showing use of client certificates with MQTT and RabbitMQ mqtt in a nutshell quickguides/python-mqtt/README.MD at main · spawnmarvel/quickguides · GitHub Example Publish * myhome/livingroom/temperature/sensor1 RabbitMQ subscribe to: * myhome.livingroom.# * myhome.livingroom.temperature.# * myhome.livingroom.temperature.sensor1. RabbitMQ queue Message Python March 21, 2023 · 24 min read Serving Millions of Clients with Native MQTT | […]

Ansible WinRM manage vm (and RabbitMQ)

Repo azure-ansible/1-4-az-existing-windows-vm/ at main · spawnmarvel/azure-ansible · GitHub We are simulating an existing vm not created by ansble, and managing it after created by someone. We set up from above repos We configured an inventory and ansible.cfg and pong’d it. All code is stored in the repos. Lets make a yml and create a folder […]

RabbitMQ and ASB or AEV

Advanced Message Queueing Protocol (AMQP) 1.0 support in Service Bus AMQP allows for interconnecting connecting brokers directly, for instance using routers like Apache Qpid Dispatch Router or broker-native “shovels” like the one of RabbitMQ. How to integrate Service Bus with RabbitMQHere’s a few scenarios in which we can make use of these capabilities: Steps: […]

Rabbitmq bidirectional shovel (GET/PUT) from VM1. VM2 server using SSL (VM1 SSL, client) To simulate the scenario: VM1 setup:Deny inbound AMQP 5672 (NON-SSL) added to FWVM1 initiate connection over AMQP to VM1 (advanced.config file) (uses outbound 5672 to VM2) With two shovel in the advanced config VM2 setup:Allow inbound AMQP 5672 (NON-SSL) added to FWJust listener with empty advanced config Result:We can send data to VM2 from […]