This is a Tor Exit Router


Start your thing and logs will come after.

WordPress http 2 https then certbot and Let’s encrypt

Combine this, first apache and DNS, then make cert and add cert path to apache. This this within Azure, is it trusted or not? azure-ansible/6-apache/readme.md at main · spawnmarvel/azure-ansible · GitHub If above is trusted, then install LAMP and WordPress https://github.com/spawnmarvel/azure-ansible/tree/main/5-wordpress Na, can use lets encrypt for private domain…..

{{ foo }} Should be written as “{{ foo }}”

There are many reason for this ansible error. I have found it to be something with the yml, obvious. But also if you have a specified parameters with wrong upper / lowercase name from the parameter that is referenced in the jinja yml file. …… and try to pass to –extra-vars parameter in a playbook. […]