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    Azure Automation account

    Exercise – Set up a DSC and configure a desired state – Training | Microsoft Learn What do we make: 1 Create a VMPS C:\giti2022\azure-arm-104\3_compute\vm_simple_win> .\deploy_vm.ps1Open your VM’s port 80 for web traffic:This site can’t be reached 2 Create an Azure Automation account3 Portal, select the Automation Azure service published by Microsoft 4 Create a DSC configuration script Run it from local and store it on automation accountPS C:\giti2022\amqp-automation> .\MyFirstPs1Deploy.ps1 Compile the DSC script In the command bar, select Compile. In the Compile DSC Configuration dialog box, select Yes. Check your notifications (notifications icon is in the global controls in the page header). Wait for the compilation job to show…

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    Python virtualenv

    https://medium.com/swlh/quick-start-to-virtual-environments-in-python-44ec0d1c7f3c cmd as adminpip install virtualenvcd c:\giti2022\virtual_envs * Note: you should not be saving your project files into this virtual environment. * All that goes into these environments are packages and dependencies — especially the second one. c:\giti2022\virtual_envs>virtualenv marcus_1c:\giti2022\virtual_envs>cd marcus_1c:\giti2022\virtual_envs\marcus_1>Scripts\activate pip install flask (marcus_1) c:\giti2022\virtual_envs\marcus_1>cd..(marcus_1) c:\giti2022\virtual_envs>cd..(marcus_1) c:\giti2022>cd marcus (marcus_1) c:\giti2022\marcus>python main.py deactivate

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    Passing JVM arguments to Tomcat when running as a service

    java – Passing JVM arguments to Tomcat when running as a service? – Stack Overflow In your Tomcat /bin folder, you should have a tomcat5w.exe admin app (or in later versions tomcat6w.ex, tomcat8w.exe, etc). Go to the Java tab and add the args in the “Java Options:” box.

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