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    Azure for MySql single server (with Zabbix)

    Make ubuntu vm Make Azure for MySql single server Add 2 NSG to the vm Add firwale rules to the MySQL Install and configure Zabbix Connect to MySQL with HeidiSQL Connect Zabbix to MySQL Configure frontend Azure Database for MySQL documentation | Microsoft Docs Note port 3306 vs 3309 for client. If you install Zabbix 6, it needs MySql v8, use port 3309. 3309 Connect to a gateway node to a specific MySQL version Azure Database for MySQL managing updates and upgrades | Microsoft Docs Make Paas Mysql singel server and one Ubuntu vm When you provision the vm, make a public ip for it. (Just for test now) MySql…

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    Zabbix agent

    4 Windows agent installation from MSI (zabbix.com) After you have installed Zabbix on a VM and MySQL or PostGreSQL on a another VM it is time to start collecting data from the servers you want to monitor. Install Zabbix Agent on Windows (msi) | Server Monitoring Guide (bestmonitoringtools.com) Install agent msi On the host you want to monitor you have avaliable (after installed) Service Logs Configuration and the tool for zabbix sender Add a new host in Zabbix, use cmd to get the hostname. Since we are installing Zabbix agent for windows, you can choose template with predefined items, triggers and graphs.: Windows by Zabbix agent There are actually ,…

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    Zabbix 6 good practice 2022 + Azure install 2 VM’s (zabbix and mysql)

    Note: Install Zabbix Server package without installing MySQL server : zabbix (reddit.com) software installation – What are the implications of –no-install-recommends (apt-get install)? – Ask Ubuntu Note check mysql installed It must be the last package Does MySQL get installed, is zabbix-server-mysql MySql: Getting Zabbix 6, there are 4 ways, 5 with Azure market. Microsoft Azure Marketplace Robust and durable, allowing to efficiently process up to 100,000 new metrics per second Read the above link if you need if you need. Must also look at cost 2 VM’s vs Market What the best? Actual configuration depends on the number of active items and refresh rates very much (see database size…

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    Zabbix on VM remote MySql (Na market)

    Lets continue and install Zabbix on a VM and MySql on another: BasicsSubscriptionFree TrialResource groupzabbix-rgVirtual machine namevm-zabbixRegionWest USAvailability optionsNo infrastructure redundancy requiredImageUbuntu Server 18.04 LTS – Gen1SizeStandard DS1 v2 (1 vcpu, 3.5 GiB memory)Authentication typePasswordUsernameespentestPublic inbound portsSSHAzure SpotNoDisksOS disk typeStandard HDDUse managed disksYesUse ephemeral OS diskNoNetworkingVirtual network(new) zabbix-rg-vnetSubnet(new) default ( IP(new) vm-zabbix-ipAccelerated networkingOffPlace this virtual machine behind an existing load balancing solution?NoManagementBoot diagnosticsOnOS guest diagnosticsOffAzure Security CenterBasic (free)System assigned managed identityOffAuto-shutdownOffBackupDisabledPatch installationOS-orchestrated patching: patches will be installed by OSAdvancedExtensionsNoneCloud initNoProximity placement groupNoneTagsEnvironmentTest (Auto-shutdown schedule)EnvironmentTest (Availability set)EnvironmentTest (Disk)EnvironmentTest (Network interface)EnvironmentTest (Network security group)EnvironmentTest (Public IP address)EnvironmentTest (Recovery Services vault)EnvironmentTest (SSH key)EnvironmentTest (Storage account)EnvironmentTest (Virtual machine)EnvironmentTest (Virtual machine extension)EnvironmentTest (Virtual network) Ok…

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