failed to accept an incoming connection

so we change the interface for zabbix server from to private ip And the failed to accept an incoming connection We do we fix this? Well add the IP to the config. sudo service zabbix-agent stop sudo service zabbix-agent start Lets remove the ip and allow all test. And we are still good

Zabbix API

quickguides/zabbix/pythonZabbixApi/ at main · spawnmarvel/quickguides · GitHub def connect_zabbix(self): def get_all_hosts(self): Run method. You know the drill, view the repos.

Zabbix agent

4 Windows agent installation from MSI ( After you have installed Zabbix on a VM and MySQL or PostGreSQL on a another VM it is time to start collecting data from the servers you want to monitor. Install Zabbix Agent on Windows (msi) | Server Monitoring Guide ( Install agent msi On the host you […]

Zabbix traffic

Enterprise IT monitoring with Zabbix Scaling to Large Environments Zabbix has been designed to scale from small environments with a few devices to large ones with thousands of monitored devices. There are Zabbix installations out there with over 100,000 devices monitored, showing that Zabbix is able to process more than 3,000,000 checks per minute using […]

Zabbix 6 good practice 2022 + Azure install 2 VM’s (zabbix and mysql)

Note: Install Zabbix Server package without installing MySQL server : zabbix ( software installation – What are the implications of –no-install-recommends (apt-get install)? – Ask Ubuntu Note check mysql installed It must be the last package Does MySQL get installed, is zabbix-server-mysql MySql: Getting Zabbix 6, there are 4 ways, 5 with Azure market. Microsoft […]

Zabbix Tuning

This work in progress. 2 Performance tuning ( 2.1 Hardware Use fastest processor available Having more memory is always better 2.2 Operating System Exclude unnecessary functionality from kernel 2.3 Zabbix configuration parameters Many parameters may be tuned to get optimal performance. 2.3.1 zabbix_server StartPollers General rule – keep value of this parameter as low as […]

Zabbix on VM remote MySql (Na market)

Lets continue and install Zabbix on a VM and MySql on another: BasicsSubscriptionFree TrialResource groupzabbix-rgVirtual machine namevm-zabbixRegionWest USAvailability optionsNo infrastructure redundancy requiredImageUbuntu Server 18.04 LTS – Gen1SizeStandard DS1 v2 (1 vcpu, 3.5 GiB memory)Authentication typePasswordUsernameespentestPublic inbound portsSSHAzure SpotNoDisksOS disk typeStandard HDDUse managed disksYesUse ephemeral OS diskNoNetworkingVirtual network(new) zabbix-rg-vnetSubnet(new) default ( IP(new) vm-zabbix-ipAccelerated networkingOffPlace this virtual […]

Zabbix Azure

Zabbix Server 5.0 – Medium PerformanceThis image contains all you need to run Zabbix: Zabbix back-end, Zabbix front-end, Zabbix agent, Nginx as web server, MySQL as database, CentOS as a foundation. For the SKU we will use a B1s: We have no money so hdd Network, all new here: Management, next, Advanced next, Tag next, […]