Kusto filter only app logs *

How to get or filter only applications logs, the quick and dirty way. I did not find any information about how to only show application logs and exclude the Azure environment logs, but they are a big part of the (in this case the function) application. The filter used here is for the keywords from […]

Azure Function Python step 7 debug*

hm Not much in Log stream Open the live metrics from Log Stream and do a request Trace Exception while executing function: Functions.GetCoinStatus <— Result: Failure Exception: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘CoinWorker’. Cannot find module. Please check the requirements.txt file for the missing module. This is not a module it is the function folder. requirements.txt […]

Azure ACI docker registry 102

repos learning-docker/2-azure-container-instance/Readme-container-registry.md at main · spawnmarvel/learning-docker · GitHub Exercise – Deploy an Azure container registry Repositories is where we will store our images Exercise – Build container images using Azure Container Registry Tasks We saved the Dockerfile download it with wget and build it with az acr build Registry Exercise – Deploy images from Azure […]

NSG Flow Logs Traffic Analytics

Continue from NSG Flow logs – e-lo: Ask the AI. (follow-e-lo.com) So we have our VM, NSG and we are storing flow logs on a storage account as shown from above tutorial. Now make a log analytics for the traffic analytics. We have one rg with the logs, lets add it to that.: done If […]

NSG Flow logs

NSG flow logs overview – Azure Network Watcher | Microsoft Learn Why use flow logs?It’s vital to monitor, manage, and know your own network so that you can protect and optimize it. You need to know the current state of the network, who’s connecting, and where users are connecting from. You also need to know […]

Azure Function Python step 6 github repos kusto and table storage*

Github repos 101 spawnmarvel/azure-functions: Testing and learning Azure functions (github.com) Log stream In the function app we have some options for viewing files, insights and more. Lets look at log stream. Connect and wait abit, default log level is verbose. Lets start with the initial. Log analytics and Kusto We can query all log statments, […]