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    Zabbix Agent: Active vs. Passive

    Zabbix Agent: Active vs. Passive – Zabbix Blog Introduction Active vs. Passive Topology benefits Now, imagine that you intend to set up automatic issue resolution on your hosts in addition to monitoring. The simplest example with Windows services would be configuring the items and triggers to check the health of specific services. But before notifying users about a Windows service that has stopped, you want to try to restart it automatically. This is possible with remote commands. You can learn more about setting up remote commands by watching the video Zabbix Email Notifications And Actions. In the front end, open Configuration > Actions > Steps > Remote Command. Then enter…

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    5 min Zabbix agent, default template modification

    The agent, v 6 Download Zabbix agents The template (built in Zabbix) Windows monitoring and integration with Zabbix Clone default Delete network discovery Edit filter for service discovery in macro (use your service names){#SERVICE.NAME} ^Aspen|Afw|RabbitMQ|Goodtech|W3SVC|Tomcat|AtDsa|AtAudit There is a default regex in the global. admin-general-regular expression, it will check for all services that are automatic or automatics delayed. (This is default) In the above regex we select only the services we want. Set update and delete interval for for all 3 discovery to: (for fast fetch in test, revert this back when you have the data)2m update, 1 h delete. Create the host and add the custom template clone, add interface…

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    Associate or add an Azure subscription to your Azure Active Directory tenant

    Add an existing Azure subscription to your tenant – Azure AD – Microsoft Entra | Microsoft Learn An Azure subscription has a trust relationship with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). A subscription trusts Azure AD to authenticate users, services, and devices. Multiple subscriptions can trust the same Azure AD directory. Each subscription can only trust a single directory.

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    5 min RMQ HTTP API

    After installing RabbitMQ and enable rabbitmq management, you get access to the api RabbitMQ Management HTTP API RabbitMQ Management HTTP API If we look at the reference for queues We can run the query with bash in Git Bash on windows. and we see the test_queue If we just use the browser And the result is JSON, Raw Data and Headers Todo with powershell

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    Zabbix agent

    4 Windows agent installation from MSI (zabbix.com) After you have installed Zabbix on a VM and MySQL or PostGreSQL on a another VM it is time to start collecting data from the servers you want to monitor. Install Zabbix Agent on Windows (msi) | Server Monitoring Guide (bestmonitoringtools.com) Install agent msi On the host you want to monitor you have avaliable (after installed) Service Logs Configuration and the tool for zabbix sender Add a new host in Zabbix, use cmd to get the hostname. Since we are installing Zabbix agent for windows, you can choose template with predefined items, triggers and graphs.: Windows by Zabbix agent There are actually ,…

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    Zabbix traffic

    Enterprise IT monitoring with Zabbix Scaling to Large Environments Zabbix has been designed to scale from small environments with a few devices to large ones with thousands of monitored devices. There are Zabbix installations out there with over 100,000 devices monitored, showing that Zabbix is able to process more than 3,000,000 checks per minute using mid-range hardware and collecting gigabytes of historical data daily. Optimized for High Performance Besides the powerful agentless monitoring, Zabbix agent offers high performance for monitoring the operating system and application-specific metrics. Zabbix agent uses minimal CPU resources and memory and is compatible with several platforms including Linux, UNIX and Windows. How many devices is zabbix…

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