Whiteboard (Django 1-5)

Python 3.7 installed pip install virtualenv, virtualenvwrapper-win (remove -win for linux) pip freeze: C:\WINDOWS\system32>pip freeze pbr==5.2.1 six==1.12.0 stevedore==1.30.1 virtualenv==16.6.0 virtualenv-clone==0.5.3 virtualenvwrapper-win==1.2.5 mkvirtualenv whiteboard cd and mkdir into app folder, then setprojectdir . (env) pip install django (env) python -m django… Read moreWhiteboard (Django 1-5)

Warframe endgame weapons

https://eu.rgj.com/story/life/2018/01/10/warframe-beginner-guide-tips-advice-technobubble/1019204001/ From the perspective of high level void/infested play (lv60+ enemies) Great ammo-efficient all-range all-around lategame weapons: Latron Prime/Wraith : unsurpassed burst damage if you can land headshots, decent sustained damage out to mid range, high status. Quanta : massive… Read moreWarframe endgame weapons