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    Mutual TLS (mTLS) and RFC 6125

    What is mTLS? | Mutual TLS | Cloudflare TLS works using a technique called public key cryptography, which relies on a pair of keys — a public key and a private key. Anything encrypted with the public key can be decrypted only with the private key. Therefore, a server that decrypts a message that was encrypted with the public key proves that it possesses the private key. Anyone can view the public key by looking at the domain’s or server’s TLS certificate. In mTLS, however, both the client and server have a certificate, and both sides authenticate using their public/private key pair. Client connects to server Server presents its TLS…

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    Zabbix Agent: Active vs. Passive

    Zabbix Agent: Active vs. Passive – Zabbix Blog Introduction Active vs. Passive Topology benefits Now, imagine that you intend to set up automatic issue resolution on your hosts in addition to monitoring. The simplest example with Windows services would be configuring the items and triggers to check the health of specific services. But before notifying users about a Windows service that has stopped, you want to try to restart it automatically. This is possible with remote commands. You can learn more about setting up remote commands by watching the video Zabbix Email Notifications And Actions. In the front end, open Configuration > Actions > Steps > Remote Command. Then enter…

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    5 min Zabbix agent, default template modification

    The agent, v 6 Download Zabbix agents The template (built in Zabbix) Windows monitoring and integration with Zabbix Clone default Delete network discovery Edit filter for service discovery in macro (use your service names){#SERVICE.NAME} ^Aspen|Afw|RabbitMQ|Goodtech|W3SVC|Tomcat|AtDsa|AtAudit There is a default regex in the global. admin-general-regular expression, it will check for all services that are automatic or automatics delayed. (This is default) In the above regex we select only the services we want. Set update and delete interval for for all 3 discovery to: (for fast fetch in test, revert this back when you have the data)2m update, 1 h delete. Create the host and add the custom template clone, add interface…

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    Associate or add an Azure subscription to your Azure Active Directory tenant

    Add an existing Azure subscription to your tenant – Azure AD – Microsoft Entra | Microsoft Learn An Azure subscription has a trust relationship with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). A subscription trusts Azure AD to authenticate users, services, and devices. Multiple subscriptions can trust the same Azure AD directory. Each subscription can only trust a single directory.

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    Socratic Questioning in Psychology

    Socratic Questioning in Psychology: Examples and Techniques (positivepsychology.com) art of conversation both are responsible for pushing the dialogue forward and uncovering truths Socratic Questioning Defined Socratic method, often described as the cornerstone of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy By using a series of focused yet open questions, we can unpack our beliefs and those of others

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