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Update Manager is a unified service to help manage and govern updates for all your machines. You can monitor Windows and Linux update compliance across your deployments in Azure, on-premises, and on other cloud platforms from a single dashboard.

After looking in Microsoft Defender for Cloud | Overview at the Inventory.

I noticed an alert for a virtual machine:

If you follow the link in defender you will information about the fix.

On 31 August 2024, both Automation Update Management and the Log Analytics agent it uses will be retired. Migrate to Azure Update Manager before that. Refer to guidance on migrating to Azure Update Manager

Price is free after using the calculator.

Lets enable it for both Vm’s.


Test it

Turn on vm

Check for updates

Press the pending updates



Lets check defender

Next vm add schedule (but the vm must be on….)

Add the schedule

But those vm are not always on, so do manuall.

Status in Azure Update Manager