Install it, default.

Move folders to a desired location.

Where are default folders (user/roaming/xx), start the service manager.


Edit Cogent datahub to use that folder.

“C:\Program Files\Cogent\Cogent DataHub\CogentDataHub.exe” -H C:\CogentBase\2024

Start it

DataHub | How to tunnel OPC DA – outbound (

For now, keep the local data domain here on the Slave as default, the same as the remote data domain on the Master.

For the Data Flow Direction, choose “Read-write” to send data and receive data, or “Write-only” to just send data to the OPC client. Don’t choose “Read-only” because you will be writing data to the Master from the OPC server,

When the connection is initiated, when it first starts, you want to override the OPC client values with the Slave’s values, the OPC server data. So choose the Override option.

When the connection is lost, you want to mark the data quality for all points over there on the Master as “Not Connected”. So choose that option.

Remote Config and DataHub as a Windows Service (

Before service, make user

Keep it

Start it first to verify before service

Cogent folder and remote config

open remote config

And we are in

Close datahub and remote config.

Service manager

Install as service with same path, C:\CogentBase\2024

Ser restart off service if fail.