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HOW-TO: Install Zabbix with MySQL as containers using docker-compose · GitHub


learning-docker/prod-ish/zabbix/ at main · spawnmarvel/learning-docker (

docker compose -f /home/imsdal/zabbix-docker/docker-compose_v3_ubuntu_mysql_local.yaml up -d
# [...]

# Unable to flush stdout: No space left on device

After expanding disk

Admin, zabbix

The composed installation is up.

✔ Network zabbix-docker_zbx_net_frontend            Created                                             0.1s
 ✔ Network zabbix-docker_zbx_net_database            Created                                             0.0s
 ✔ Network zabbix-docker_zbx_net_backend             Created                                             0.0s
 ✔ Network zabbix-docker_default                     Created                                             0.1s
 ✔ Volume "zabbix-docker_snmptraps"                  Created                                             0.0s
 ✔ Container zabbix-docker-zabbix-build-base-1       St...                                               0.1s
 ✔ Container zabbix-docker-mysql-server-1            Started                                             0.1s
 ✔ Container zabbix-docker-db-data-mysql-1           Starte...                                           0.1s
 ✔ Container zabbix-docker-zabbix-build-mysql-1      S...                                                0.1s
 ✔ Container zabbix-docker-zabbix-web-nginx-mysql-1  Started                                             0.1s
 ✔ Container zabbix-docker-zabbix-server-1           Starte...                                           0.1s


We now need to get the IP address of the docker container that hosts the agent to provide to the Zabbix application so that it can do self-reporting.

docker ps --filter  "name=zabbix-docker_zabbix-agent_1"
# there is no container for agent, ref visual also it is not started or built.

zabbix-agent is not created by docker-compose · Issue #889 · zabbix/zabbix-docker (

docker compose -f /home/imsdal/zabbix-docker/docker-compose_v3_ubuntu_mysql_local.yaml --profile=all up -d

12.47  unable to create '/var/lib/dpkg/updates/tmp.i': No space left on device

The disk was only resized in azure

and two more commands outside of cfdisk

learning-docker/ at main · spawnmarvel/learning-docker (

from GitHub – zabbix/zabbix-docker: Official Zabbix Dockerfiles

Docker Compose
There is provided Docker Compose files for each set of base Operating System and Database engine.

Templates support several Compose profiles. Using profiles with Compose | Docker Docs Minimal set of services is brought up by default, to start additional components e.g.

Zabbix Agent use profile ‘full’ or ‘all’. Additionally, it is possible to start only required components.