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Generate CA

Server’s (client) certificate and files

Let’s test the compose before we make the next certificate and use it.

Client is 15672, view logs to see if it loaded all

yes, good.

Server is 15673,view logs to see if it loaded all and also the rabbitmq_auth_mechanism_ssl was added to Dockerfile.

Nice shovel authenticated, Shovel status

perfect, lets tear it down.

Copy Server’s (client) certificate and files

We must make a bundle of the ca and copy all certs and keys to client and server folder.

Here is client

We can now start to update the dockerfile, definitions and more.

Test all certs and ssl shovel with no cert

Update the shovel to use certs and for server use rabbitmq.conf for auth

EXTERNAL login refused: connection peer presented no TLS (x.509) certificate

hm, test server with advanced.config.

Use advanced.config for both

That was success

All files

Test again with rabbitmq.conf and advanced.config [].

rmq_server rabbitmq.conf

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Shovel and test send a msg