Wait with Ansible.

Do docker with RabbitMQ, Zabbix and protainer.

Make repos github

learning-docker/rmq at main · spawnmarvel/learning-docker (github.com)


What ARE Containers? (and Docker …) (youtube.com)

Multi container

learning-docker/7-python-boilerplate-with-portainer-ce/README.md at main · spawnmarvel/learning-docker · GitHub

And we are up


Go to containers and select the python container

Enter the python

View logs



learning-docker/8-try-docker-compose/README.md at main · spawnmarvel/learning-docker · GitHub

and running


If you want to run your services in the background, you can pass the -d flag (for “detached” mode) to docker compose up and use docker compose ps to see what is currently running:

stop or remove