Move 2 cloud in nutshell

Ms Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure Data transferred out of Azure data centers Bandwidth refers to data moving in and out of Azure data centers, as well as Data transfer First 100GB / Month Price Data Transfer In Free Data transfer between Availability Zones(Egress and Ingress) $0.01 per GB Between regions within Europe $0.02 per GB Data […]

Private DNS zone, Enable auto registration vnet link, deploy vm, PKI

Private DNS, Virtual network links, Enable auto registration Vnet Deploy VM with Apache to existing vnet with bicep azure-automation/azure-extra-linux-vm/main_1_2_NoDDExistVnet.bicep at main · spawnmarvel/azure-automation · GitHub PKI using DNS as CN. Apache VM DNS as CN GitHub – spawnmarvel/quickguides: quickguides, markdown, nutshell reference (some are quick(pdf’s), others are not so quick) Deploy new VM and visit […]