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Download new cert from link and edit in your connection string

Connect with HeidiSQL and check version

SELECT * FROM performance_schema.session_status 
WHERE VARIABLE_NAME IN ('Ssl_version','Ssl_cipher');

That is if ssl in enforced in mysql for single server and version is selected, i.e 1.2 in Azure.


This article applies to Azure Database for MySQL – Single Server ONLY. For Azure Database for MySQL – Flexible Server, the certificate needed to communicate over SSL is DigiCert Global Root CA

Select all users and connections to mysql


How can I verify I’m using SSL to connect to mysql?

(From the client, just run status. If this connection is using SSL, you’ll get something interesting in the SSL row.),then%20the%20connection%20is%20encrypted.

MySQL encryption configuration (in Zabbix)


Encrypted connectivity using TLS/SSL in Azure Database for MySQL – Flexible Server | Microsoft Learn

Verify the TLS/SSL connection

mysql> status

How to identify the TLS protocols configured on your server ?

mysql> SHOW GLOBAL VARIABLES LIKE 'tls_version';

How to find which TLS protocol are being used by my clients to connect to the server?

SELECT sbt.variable_value AS tls_version,  t2.variable_value AS cipher,
processlist_user AS user, processlist_host AS host
FROM performance_schema.status_by_thread  AS sbt
JOIN performance_schema.threads AS t ON t.thread_id = sbt.thread_id
JOIN performance_schema.status_by_thread AS t2 ON t2.thread_id = t.thread_id
WHERE sbt.variable_name = 'Ssl_version' and t2.variable_name = 'Ssl_cipher' ORDER BY tls_version;