Create and manage Windows VMs in Azure that use multiple NICs – Azure Virtual Machines | Microsoft Learn

Virtual machines (VMs) in Azure can have multiple virtual network interface cards (NICs) attached to them.

A common scenario is to have different subnets for front-end and back-end connectivity.

You can associate multiple NICs on a VM to multiple subnets, but those subnets must all reside in the same virtual network (vNet).


Vnet -> subnets

And two nics

Create a VM with a static private IP address – Azure portal | Microsoft Learn

Add a NIC to an existing VM

To add a virtual NIC to an existing VM, you deallocate the VM, add the virtual NIC, then start the VM. Different VM sizes support a varying number of NICs, so size your VM accordingly.

If needed, you can resize a VM.

Running VM

Stop the VM

Add nic



Create rg-test-uk-south-01

Add Nsg

Create, change, or delete an Azure network security group | Microsoft Learn

Apply it to the vnet in Sweden Central

Nope, it must be in same region

Apply it to the vm NIC in Sweden Central

Nope, it must be in same region