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A container organizes a set of blobs, similar to a directory in a file system. A storage account can include an unlimited number of containers, and a container can store an unlimited number of blobs.

Azure Storage supports three types of blobs:

Block blobs store text and binary data. Block blobs are made up of blocks of data that can be managed individually. Block blobs can store up to about 190.7 TiB.

Append blobs are made up of blocks like block blobs, but are optimized for append operations. Append blobs are ideal for scenarios such as logging data from virtual machines.

Page blobs store random access files up to 8 TiB in size. Page blobs store virtual hard drive (VHD) files and serve as disks for Azure virtual machines.

1 SAS access to blobs

Container1 private access, no anoymous

Upload a file to the container and generate SAS

Access it with SAS


2 Limitations

It looks like you are trying to load a container via the URL in your browser. Unfortunately this is not supported by default. If you try loading a specific blob then it should work as you are intending. If you want to list all blobs in the container you need to use the List Blobs format.

3 MS learn

AZ-104: Implement and manage storage in Azure – Training | Microsoft Learn