Quickstart: Create an Azure private DNS zone using the Azure portal

Create a private DNS zone
Create the virtual network and subnet

Link the virtual network

Create the test virtual machine

Since we enabled auto registration we now have the following in the private zone

Create an additional DNS record

The following example creates a record with the relative name db in the DNS Zone private.jekl.com, in resource group testit-dnz01-rg.
The fully qualified name of the record set is db.private.jekl.com. The record type is “A”, with the IP address of vm01atlas.


Test the private zone (Skipped since created just 1 vm)

Configure VMs to allow inbound ICMP (Skipped since created just 1 vm)

But if you need to, do:

New-NetFirewallRule –DisplayName "Allow ICMPv4-In" –Protocol ICMPv4

Ping the VMs by name

Here we are on localhost and doing ns and ping

nslookup vm01atlas.private.jekl.com
nslookup db.private.jekl.com
ping vm01atlas.private.jekl.com
ping db.private.jekl.com