Use logging like this

So we followed the tutorial and created a log analytics workspace

Then we added that workspace to the function app to store logs for 7 days

The we can do query’s on logs

We can now set up the logging in the app


Then we can set up an alert and trigger for that word.


Email/SMS message/Push/Voice: Send various notification types to specific recipients.

The above language is Kusto.

After you have configured it, you will get a mail.

Now we test with injecting that logging statement in the code and publish and wait.

Clear logs


	table: "FunctionAppLogs",
"filters":  [
            "column": "Message",
            "operator": "==",
            "value": "ALERTMSG-COIN"         

A status should be returned, use that in GET STATUS for purge-id

It takes time

It is started…..

How long does t take?

If we get Response code as 202 and we get operation id back, we are good and data will be purged soon.