install:dokuwiki_on_a_stick [DokuWiki]

Select version

Add all plugins and select the languages you need

Include webserver

Use 7 zip to extract it

After installing just move the stuff from the USB stick to a folder on your computer

Then run the cmd

After you have installed it with a user and select public, private etc.

You can check the version in the Admin tab, Release 2022-07-31a “Igor”

The admin tab

How to

Use most of the screen

Go to Template Style Settings, edit to:

Add a logo

Go to Media Manager and add .png file, it will automatically replace the old logo

Important! Your logo must be named logo.png for the logo to display on your DokuWiki site.

Open external links in a new window

Go to Admin -> Configuration settings – > configuration manager and in the table of contents click “Links”.
You are now in the section “Links”.
Write _blank into the field Target window for external links

Important pages

Best practice

tips:tailorwikirules [DokuWiki]

Create pages

namespaces [DokuWiki]

In DokuWiki, pages are created as in every other wiki. Simply create a link to a non existing page, follow this link, and click on Create this page. See also Adding pages.

page [DokuWiki]

New page name space:

* [[software|Software]]

  * [[software:aspentech|Aspentech]]

  * [[software:traksys|TrakSys]]

  * [[software:aveva|Aveva]]

New page


Then you can use access control for the different namespaces

acl [DokuWiki]

Delete a page

Just remove the content and save it


namespaces [DokuWiki]

Good plugin for drop down nav bar

plugin:navi [DokuWiki]


plugin:discussion [DokuWiki]



The watchcycle plugin requires the sqlite plugin to work.

# Set the page to be checked every 1 days by the user username:

~~WATCHCYCLE:<usernames, @usergroups>:<number of days>~~

Result after 1 day