5 min Azure Functions compute with powershell log analytics workspace

https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/azure-functions/functions-monitor-log-analytics?tabs=python Use logging like this So we followed the tutorial and created a log analytics workspace Then we added that workspace to the function app to store logs for 7 days The we can do query’s on logs We can now set up the logging in the app example, logging.info(“ALERTMSG-COIN”) Then we can set up […]

5 min Azure Functions compute with powershell 3 steps (az login) publish*

Jump to Most used commands and quick guide Deployment technologies in Azure Functions Deployment technologies in Azure Functions | Microsoft Learn Create a Python function in Azure from the command line Create a Python function from the command line – Azure Functions | Microsoft Learn Check environment, after all prerequisites is installed. Prerequisite check Powershell […]

5 min Azure Functions compute 2

Overview Azure Functions Overview | Microsoft Learn Create a Python function using Visual Studio Code – Azure Functions | Microsoft Learn Follow the stuff with run locally https://towardsdatascience.com/tutorial-of-python-azure-functions-81949b1fd6db Files Init default Run it f5, view terminal Visit URL Stop shift + f5 stop if shift + 5, and press any key in terminal Folder structure, […]

DokuWiki on a stick

install:dokuwiki_on_a_stick [DokuWiki] Select version Add all plugins and select the languages you need Include webserver Use 7 zip to extract it After installing just move the stuff from the USB stick to a folder on your computer Then run the cmd After you have installed it with a user and select public, private etc. You […]

Azure Python web app

Quickstart: Deploy a Python (Django or Flask) web app to Azure – Azure App Service | Microsoft Learn App service plan is select when you create the web app, the free is not good, so updated it to: Dev/Test 100 total ACU Copy the url from the app service No code yet

AZ-104: Lab Monitor and back up Azure resources (Interactive lab simulation)

Configure file and folder backups Describe Azure backup benefits Azure Backup offers multiple components that you download and deploy on the appropriate computer, server, or in the cloud. The component, or agent, that you deploy depends on what you want to protect. All Azure Backup components (no matter whether you’re protecting data on-premises or in […]


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