RabbitMQ AMQP direct, topic and fanout TLS

With Shovel 1 One queue for all incoming msg, root 2 One queue for duplicating all incoming msg, root-worker 3 One queue to remote host for sending all incoming msg, root-worker-remote Publish to: Both 1 and 2 are bind to root-key, 3 is bind to root-worker-remote-key 2 is the source shovel queue for 3 destination […]

AZ-104: Configure and manage virtual networks for Azure administrators

learn to configure virtual networks and subnets, including IP addressing. Azure networking components offer a range of functionalities and services. Azure Virtual Network (VNet) is a representation of your own network in the cloud. Each VNet you create has its own CIDR block and can be linked to other VNets and on-premises networks if the […]

Azure Automation account

Exercise – Set up a DSC and configure a desired state – Training | Microsoft Learn What do we make: 1 Create a VMPS C:\giti2022\azure-arm-104\3_compute\vm_simple_win> .\deploy_vm.ps1Open your VM’s port 80 for web traffic:This site can’t be reached 2 Create an Azure Automation account3 Portal, select the Automation Azure service published by Microsoft 4 Create a […]

AZ Bicep

Learn modules for Bicep – Azure Resource Manager | Microsoft Learn PowerShell 7.0.6 LTS, PowerShell 7.1.3, or higher is the recommended version of PowerShell for use with the Azure Az PowerShell module on all platforms. update ps1 Bicep with Powershell Windows Installer Set up Bicep development and deployment environments – Azure Resource Manager | Microsoft […]

Asymmetric encryption

A Primer on Cryptography | Auth0 In asymmetric encryption, there are two keys, one for encrypting and one for decrypting. Asymmetric encryption introduced much more flexibility in secure communications as the encryption key is not kept secret. For example, if a sender, Alice, wants to send a message to Bob, Alice retrieves Bob’s public encryption […]

Cogent DMZ

DataHub | Secure OT to IT (cogentdatahub.com) Using a DMZ is the most often recommended way to secure your plant network when you need remote access to your data. Whether that data is going to the IT department, central office, or the cloud, you don’t want to expose the OT network. DataHub software and services […]