The agent, v 6

Download Zabbix agents

The template (built in Zabbix)

Windows monitoring and integration with Zabbix

Clone default

Delete network discovery

Edit filter for service discovery in macro (use your service names)
{#SERVICE.NAME} ^Aspen|Afw|RabbitMQ|Goodtech|W3SVC|Tomcat|AtDsa|AtAudit

There is a default regex in the global. admin-general-regular expression, it will check for all services that are automatic or automatics delayed. (This is default)

In the above regex we select only the services we want.

Set update and delete interval for for all 3 discovery to: (for fast fetch in test, revert this back when you have the data)
2m update, 1 h delete.

Create the host and add the custom template clone, add interface with IP for where the agent is running

Default items and triggers before discovery

After 2 min

Set back the update interval to a high number 1 hour or one day, File system rarely change, a bit the same with services, but new stuff could be added. Then we must change the macros also.

Macros configuration

Windows monitoring and integration with Zabbix

{#FSLABEL}({#FSNAME}): Disk space is low
Two conditions should match: First, space utilization should be above {$VFS.FS.PUSED.MAX.WARN:”{#FSNAME}”}.
Second condition should be one of the following:

Test with edit macro VFS.FS.PUSED.MAX.WARN 80 to 10 (just for simulation) and VFS.FS.FREE.MIN.WARN 10 to 100 (just for simulation)

And we have an alert

Restart services

Automated restart of Windows services with Zabbix – “Unsupported item key” – ZABBIX Forums

Start Windows Services with Remote Command – ZABBIX Forums