401 access denied win server (iis), Local Security Policy

Do you have issues with security on a fresh windows server when trying to access http(s)://serverroot = IIS Admin access with admin accounts works, since they will default be in group: Check Local Security policy->User Rights Assignment->Allow log on locally Check Local Security policy->User Rights Assignment->Deny log on locally Domain account no admin access does […]


Python Callback Function – Python Examples A callback is a function that is passed as an argument to other function. This other function is expected to call this callback function in its definition. The point at which other function calls our callback function depends on the requirement and nature of other function. Callback Functions are […]

Packet Sniffers

Packet Sniffers: What Are They? Alongside Some Great Packet Sniffing Tools 10 Best Packet Sniffers – Comparison and Tips – DNSstuff Home | TCPDUMP & LIBPCAP WireShark Packet Sniffer SmartSniff Microsoft Message AnalyzerVery effective in troubleshooting network issues and verifying protocol implementation.The Microsoft Message Analyzer tool has been retired Network MinerIt is used by many […]

MSA Account

Group Managed Service Accounts Overview Group Managed Service Accounts Overview | Microsoft Learn Domain user accountIf the service interacts with network services or accesses domain resources like file shares on other computers, consider using a minimally-privileged domain account. A domain administrator must create the account before the AFService can be configured to use the account. […]