Azure Storage Explorer – behandling av skylagring | Microsoft Azure

Upload, download, and manage data with Azure Storage Explorer

Connect Azure Storage Explorer to a storage account

* Storage Explorer is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux

* It’s easy to connect to and manage multiple storage accounts.

* The interface lets you connect to Azure Cosmos DB and Data Lake.

* Use the interface to update and view entities in your storage accounts

* Storage Explorer is free to download and use
* Manage the data stored in multiple Azure storage accounts and across Azure subscriptions

Use local emulators

* Development phase of your project, not want developers to incur additional costs by using Azure storage accounts

* Storage Explorer supports two emulators: Azure Storage Emulator and Azurite.

* Azure Storage Emulator: uses local MS SQL 2012 expresse (Azure Table, Queue, Blob)

* Azurite: uses Node.js open-source emulator that supports most Azure Storage commands through an API

Connection types

* Add resources by using Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

* Use a connection string

* Use a shared access signature URI

* Use a name and key

* Attach to a local emulator

* Attach to Azure Cosmos DB through a connection string

* Attach to Azure Data Lake by using a URI

A view after connected

To create a blob, fs, queue or table just right click the header with same name under the storage account, and upload a blob

You can also view the properties (Url, etc ), action and get a feel of the settings a bit different than in the portal.

Lets upload the image and view in the portal

Test access to the blob with:

To grant anonymous users read access to a container and its blobs, you can set the container public access level. When you grant public access to a container, then anonymous users can read blobs within a publicly accessible container without authorizing the request.

After editing access level

On the same tab you can generate SAS and more:

But to enable SAS to the image you must go to the image and generate SAS there

And then cp the URL

And visit the site

It could be a time offset or difference between key1, 2 if you do not see anything or an auth error, generate new SAS alter start time.

Lets try with a txt file

Uplad a file to explorerblob generate a SAS and visit the URL.

Remember to set start time back a bit.