So we have our fs in WE from the previous tutorial:

Now let’s create a backup for it.

Go to Portal-> Create Recovery Services vault

Location is extremely important, vault has to be in same region as resource.

Region: Select the geographic region for the vault. For you to create a vault to help protect any data source, the vault must be in the same region as the data source.

Create and configure Recovery Services vaults – Azure Backup | Microsoft Learn

For this we created a rg testit4 in WE, same as the fs, we will name the valut testit4backupvault.


GRS (this allows you to restore in a secondary region), default security for soft delete enabled, check if this is what you need or alter it after creating the vault.

Now backup + and select available options:

Then configure the backup:

Since we do not have any backups, lets take on, got to resource:

testit4backupvault->Manage-> Press Backup Infrastructure (it can take some time)

testit4backupvault-> Protected items and view the count:

To delete the backup up must stop the backup, unregister the rg, then delete the vault and rg

*Several options in recovery service vault:

If you select On-Premises you can backup: