5 Min Python WMI perfmon

winstats ยท PyPI Memory statsPerformance statsDisk info, types, and statsPerformance Data Counters (aka PerfMon) Sample code:

5 min Excel find duplicates without removing them

How to find duplicate values without removing them in Excel? (extendoffice.com) In Excel, the Remove Duplicates function can help users to quickly remove all duplicate values from a list. But in some times, you may only want to find and identify the duplicate values without removing them as below screenshot shown, how can you quickly […]

5 min Azure event hub with Python SDK (con str)

Event Hubs: Azure Event Hubs is a highly scalable publish-subscribe service that can ingest millions of events per secondand stream them into multiple applications. This lets you process and analyze the massive amounts ofdata produced by your connected devices and applications. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/event-hubs/event-hubs-features Event Hubs frequently asked questions Frequently asked questions – Azure Event Hubs | […]

5 Min Azure Backup

So we have our fs in WE from the previous tutorial: Now let’s create a backup for it. Go to Portal-> Create Recovery Services vault Location is extremely important, vault has to be in same region as resource. Region: Select the geographic region for the vault. For you to create a vault to help protect […]

5 min Create and configure an Azure Files shares connect with Python SDK (con str)

https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/storage/files/storage-how-to-create-file-share?tabs=azure-portal Questions to think about:What are the performance requirements for your Azure file share?What are your redundancy requirements for your Azure file share?What size file share do you need? File share type: SMB connect SMB protocol 3 or higher Create a storage account:BasicsGeneral purpose version 2 (GPv2) storage accounts: HDD-based, ++FileStorage storage accounts: SSD-based, ++ […]