Task 5: Create and configure an Azure Files sharesIn this task, you will create and configure Azure Files shares and use a VM to store them


To create an Azure file share, you need to answer three questions about how you will use it:
What are the performance requirements for your Azure file share?
hard-disk HDD Based, premium file shares SSD Based hardware.

What are your redundancy requirements for your Azure file share?
LRS one region 3 copy, GRS two region 6 copy
What size file share do you need?
100 Tib, 5 Tib (geo and geo-zone redundant storage account.


There are many possibilities:

Mount SMB Azure file share on Windows
Mount SMB Azure file share on Linux

Quickstart: Create and manage Azure file shares with Windows virtual machines


Create a rg and get it:

az login

az login --tenantID 

$loc = "WEST EUROPE"
$rgName = "az104-07-rg0"
New-AzResourceGroup -Name $rgName -Location $loc

Get-AzResourceGroup -ResourceGroupName $rgName

Create the VM (we do it in the portal here) and login:

Rg                  az104-07-rg0
Virtual macine name az104testVM
region              West Europe
Availability opt.   Availability zone, 1
Image               Windows Server 2016 Datacenter -Gen2
Size                B2s  General purpose, 2 vcpu, 4 gib memory
u                   Ledzepplin, Ledzepplin and the numbers
Pub inbound por     Allowe selected
Select inbound por  RDP, 3389
Disk                Standard SSD, lrs
Network             Create all new and keep default
Management          keep default
Advanced            Keep default
Tags                none
Review + create

Price, 0.0769 AUD/hr

Keep the rest default for now as mentioned, delete the rg after the test is done, this is cheap VM.

Login to the VM:

Cool, now create a storage account:

Rg                   az104-07-rg0
Storage account name az104storageledzepplin
Region               West Europe
Performance          Standard
Redundancy           LRS
Networking           Public endpoint (all networks, it is secure, user needs KEY or SAS)

Cool, now create file shares from the storage account:

Name                 az104shareledzep 

Go to the file share, press connect and copy the script after you have selected Windows.

Then go to the VM and execute the script remote from the portal.

Output from script:

CMDKEY: Credential added successfully.

Name           Used (GB)     Free (GB) Provider      Root                      
----           ---------     --------- --------      ----                      
Z                   0.00       5120.00 FileSystem    \\az104storageledzeppli...

Now let’s create a folder and some files on the VM, paste the code in the same script window as the connect script on the VM’s Run command blade, az104testVM | Run command:

New-Item -Type Directory -Path 'Z:\az104testVM-folder'

New-Item -Type File -Path 'Z:\az104testVM-folder\az104testVMfile.txt'

Now navigate back to the file share and verify folder and file.

Add some more files.

New-Item -Type File -Path 'Z:\az104testVM-folder\az104testVMaswsd.txt'

To give individual accounts access to the file share (Kerberos), enable identity-based authentication for the storage account.

What did we create in rg az104-07-rg0?

Delete the rg and all resources:

Get-AzResourceGroup -Name 'az104-07*' | Remove-AzResourceGroup -Force -AsJob

Id     Name            PSJobTypeName   State         HasMoreData     Location             Command
--     ----            -------------   -----         -----------     --------             -------
1      Long Running... AzureLongRun... Running       True            localhost            Remove-AzResourceGrou

It can take some time to delete all the resources