ARM Lab 103 MS (param+ template)

Lets continue from ARM Lab 102 With 8 Use quick start template Quick start templates is a repository of templates, here we will use a website resource definition and addit to the last template we used:Folder Quick Start-templates contains:azure deploy_exported.jsondeploy_exported.ps1The above template works for str.acc and app service plan, but we also want to […]

Zabbix Tuning

This work in progress. 2 Performance tuning ( 2.1 Hardware Use fastest processor available Having more memory is always better 2.2 Operating System Exclude unnecessary functionality from kernel 2.3 Zabbix configuration parameters Many parameters may be tuned to get optimal performance. 2.3.1 zabbix_server StartPollers General rule – keep value of this parameter as low as […]


CI/CD Workflow Deploy credentials Configure secret Add ARM Template Create workflow The workflow is trigger when there is a push event on the main branch, which modifies at least one of the two files specified. Workflow status

Normalization Normal Forms: A Recap The key, the whole key, and nothing but the key, so help me Codd. The key stands for 1NF: all tables must have a (primary) key because all records in the table must be unique.The whole key stands for 2NF: no functional dependencies on part of the key are allowed.Nothing […]

Azure Services

If you need to view the hole list or check updates just type Free services in Azure Always free App Service COMPUTE, 10 Web, mobile or API apps for any platform or device Functions COMPUTE, 1 000 000 request per month Active Directory SECURITY + IDENTITY, 500 000 objects Active Directory B2C SECURITY + IDENTITY, […]

ARM Lab 102 MS

After following ARM Template 101 and AZ-104-MS Azure Administrator 101 quick ref We are ready for some labs, all labs has a template and a parameters file Remember also the quick starts Any way we will start at 0, many of the parameters may change but we need to look at prices first, since […]

ARM Template 101 MS Template Advantages Improves the consistency, the structure, format in the template is the same regardless of tool Help express deployments that are complex Reduces manual errors Are code, IAC, infrastructure as code, version and evolution over time Reuse and link-able, small templates and combine then Template Schema JSON, data stored as obj in text, […]