Monitor VM (and market) “There’s no direct cost for Azure Monitor for VMs, but you’re charged for its activity in the Log Analytics workspace. Based on the pricing that’s published on the Azure Monitor pricing page, Azure Monitor for VMs is billed for:” Data ingested from agents and stored in the workspace.Alert rules based on log and health […]

Zabbix on VM remote MySql (Na market)

Lets continue and install Zabbix on a VM and MySql on another: BasicsSubscriptionFree TrialResource groupzabbix-rgVirtual machine namevm-zabbixRegionWest USAvailability optionsNo infrastructure redundancy requiredImageUbuntu Server 18.04 LTS – Gen1SizeStandard DS1 v2 (1 vcpu, 3.5 GiB memory)Authentication typePasswordUsernameespentestPublic inbound portsSSHAzure SpotNoDisksOS disk typeStandard HDDUse managed disksYesUse ephemeral OS diskNoNetworkingVirtual network(new) zabbix-rg-vnetSubnet(new) default ( IP(new) vm-zabbix-ipAccelerated networkingOffPlace this virtual […]

Virtual Networking 104

Networking components Virtual network Load balancer Application gateway Traffic manger Virtual network gateway Virtual WAN

Zabbix Azure

Zabbix Server 5.0 – Medium PerformanceThis image contains all you need to run Zabbix: Zabbix back-end, Zabbix front-end, Zabbix agent, Nginx as web server, MySQL as database, CentOS as a foundation. For the SKU we will use a B1s: We have no money so hdd Network, all new here: Management, next, Advanced next, Tag next, […]

Grafana Azure Press create and make the virtual machine. Installation configuration Network configuration Review and create it, and the result: login admin and the password we created. And here we are: Lets look at what we created and connect. We can view the boosestorage2 with storage explorer remote, we created a hdd drive with 30 gb, […]

Virtual Machines 108

OS, storage, network for applications Vm’s are part of Iaas, scale up/down and pay for use (also view the 101) Checklist: Start with network, name, location, size, pricing, storage and OS. Location, select region for resources, so the vm is close to users for performance, tax, compliance and more. Location and region has limited options […]

Function app First function Python Linux, hm, must upload code from local The Azure Functions extension for Visual Studio Code. Azure icon click it, takes time Select a language for your function project: Choose Python.Select a Python alias to create a virtual environment: Choose the location of your Python interpreter. If the location isn’t shown, […]