Resource manger (RM)


Resource Group Deployments (RG)

Creating RG

RM Locks

Moving Resources

Move resources to a new sub or resource to a new rg in the same sub.

When moving = source/target is locked, write/delete are blocked on the rg, no add, update or del in those rg’s. The resources are still functioning as normal.

Read this before move:

How to move:

Select the rg containing the resources, mark the resource and press move.

There are restrictions even of a service can be moved, ie. move vnet, must also move independent resources.

Use caution when moving or deleting a rg, if a rg is deleted all the resources in that rg is also deleted.

Can also remove individual resources within a group

Resource limits

Observer activity/limits on subscription, subscription, overview Usage +quotas

Find your subscription and get the Usage+quotas