Administration 103

Resource manger (RM) Infrastructure: VM’s, storage acc., vnet, web api, db etc. Deploy, monitor and manage all as a group with Azure Resource Manager Update, deploy, delete all with one operation Template for deploy for several environments, test, qa, prod RM has security, tagging, auditing Terminology Resource, item, vm, storage acc, db Resource group, container […]

Governance and Compliance 102

Region is an area, geographical containing on or more datacenters. Azure subscription, Logical unit of services linked to account, billing is by subscription, organize access to services. Azure accounts, account is identity in AD. Types of account, enterprise, resellers, partners, personal. Free, wont be charged before you upgrade. Cost Management Pay for what you use, […]

AD 101

AD Concepts Identity, can be user, app, servers that need auth through cert or keys Account, an identity that has some data associated Azure AD Account, identity created through Azure AD Azure subscription, pays for cloud services Azure tenant, dedicated and trusted instance of Azure AD, automatically made when signs up for MS cloud subscription […]