Account donaldtest fork the repos from spawnmarvel:

git clone

cd folder
git checkout -b new_branch

git remote add upstream

Now you can make changes to the code.

Once you push the changes to your repo, the Compare & pull request button will appear in GitHub.

Click Compare & pull request

Open a pull request by clicking the Create pull request button. This allows the repo’s maintainers to review your contribution. From here, they can merge it if it is good, or they may ask you to make some changes.

Back at the donaldtest, there is now a pull request, that we can merge if we want it.

Now we have pushed merge:

Find a project you want to contribute to
Fork it
Clone it to your local system
Make a new branch
Make your changes
Push it back to your repo
Click the Compare & pull request button
Click Create pull request to open a new pull request
If the reviewers ask for changes, repeat steps 5 and 6 to add more commits to your pull request.

Sync a fork

Here we did a sync and then added a new file with a third pull request

Back on the donaldtest