The Cyber Defenders Program:

So the plan is to do the second and third resource first and then move to the next. The first one is a course so….

Second, skip the most of the basic, repeat some from automating the boring stuff:

Chapter 5 – Dictionaries and Structuring Data = check
Chapter 10 – Debugging = check
Chapter 14 – Working with CSV Files (no linux on windows ok) and JSON Data = check
Chapter 15 – Keeping Time, Scheduling Tasks, and Launching Programs = in progress
Chapter 17 – Manipulating Images

Third, go through all and read, Cracking Codes with Python:

Next are the rest of the lessons:

Python for Cybersecurity — Lesson 2: Powerful packages in Python
Python for Cybersecurity — Lesson 4: Network Traffic Analysis
Python for Cybersecurity — Lesson 3: Data analysis with Pandas
Most sought after security packages in Python