3 (Linux) Install-ubuntu-18-04-over-windows-10

Install Ubuntu over win 10 So I just went ahead and did it, loaded bootable USB drive with Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS amd64 8 ( like picture above) and pressed install on my broken windows machine. Detect keyboard layout Updates and software-> Normal installation Installation type->Erase disk and install ubuntu Write the changes to disk->Continue Where […]

2 (Linux) Running python from a windows disk via USB with Linux (with store)

Since the bootable USB drive is not persistent (yet) how to code and develop from a location to store it. First go to other locations (after booting up the machine), find the windows drive, make a new folder (I made boot_folder_2019). Download the amd file for Linux and store it in the windows drive. Then […]

1(Linux) Make a bootable USB drive (bad WIN KB4493509)

So, I had windows 10, and the an update came which stopped my machine from longing on…the KB was this KB4493509 and new KB in may, the one in may total crashed my computer. Not able to login, not able to repair, endless problems, so I bought a USB drive (stick) and wanted to boot […]

Django Rest Framework

https://www.django-rest-framework.org/community/tutorials-and-resources/ This tutorial was used for 50%, the rest is my own demo: https://tests4geeks.com/django-rest-framework-tutorial/ Set up django: mkvirtualenv dapi navigate to your folder, then mkdir dapi cd dapi, setprojectdir . pip install django django-admin startproject api_apps Then you get the folder structure, run it: python manage.py runserver Go to http://localhost:8000/ The install worked successfully! Congratulations! […]