pywinservice, running a simple Python script as a windows service
Make a virtualenv, store your code there.
Make a file, in that file you can start / call a database, a webcrawler, http, mail or whatever code you want to execute.
When you are done with coding your scripts, test this:
Make a bat file, that will be started when the service starts (i.e 3 party libraries will start)
  • Activate the env: ~\pywinservice\Scripts\activate.bat


  • Call the Python script file, ie python app\ runserver

Make some log statments also, always good.

If the test is success:

Download NSSM – the Non-Sucking Service Manager.

  • nssm install, navigate to your bat file, give the service a name

Start the service with the name you made

Logs for .bat
Log for
Process->Go to service on windows
This is just a quick and dirty way to run Python scripts as a windows service, but heey, it works and you can automate a lot of scripts!