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e-lo [IT Engineer life]

Find wise people to emulate

Review your day

Your distractions are your own doing

Every day is a new life

Azure (IaaS, PaaS), Powershell, Python, AMQP.

Crypto – e-lo [IT Engineer life] (

Google or New chat (

Corresponding learning paths and modules

Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate – Certifications | Microsoft Learn

Quick guides

GitHub – spawnmarvel/quickguides: quickguides, markdown, nutshell reference

az-ps1 and cli reference – e-lo [IT Engineer life] (

PEP 8 – Style Guide for Python Code

Spaces are the preferred indentation method.


Code setup – e-lo [IT Engineer life] (


Not thinking about anything is Zen

Zen – e-lo [IT Engineer life] (


Zeno lost everything. His ship wrecked upon the rocks, his cargo lost to the sea. We’re not sure what caused the wreck, but it devastated him financially, physically, emotionally. It could have been the end of his story—the loss could have driven him to drink or suicide, or a quiet ordinary life in the service of others. Instead, it set in motion the creation of Stoicism, one of the greatest intellectual and spiritual movements in history.

Stoicism – e-lo [IT Engineer life] (

Try silence. See what happens.

Try Silence For A Change (